Hard Reset

My life is a Never Ending Project. This started as a slap-dash craft blog. Sorely neglected for the last 5+ years. I feel as though I haven’t done much since then, creatively that is.

More in bits and pieces, bursts and sparks. My creativity had been dampened down by the negative energy that was overshadowing my long-term-relationship. On January 18th we ended just over 8-years together, and I have moved out.

Here is something I wrote quickly the other night about it:

The summer of 2017 I FaceTimed with a good friend. We don’t see each other much but we keep in touch. We’re there for each other. They had been through a similar situation, they understood. They knew I was struggling and did a tarot reading for me. I don’t remember the exact details, I frantically tried to scribble down what they were saying as we went, but I was shaking, and couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I’m sure I have the notes somewhere.

I knew my relationship wasn’t serving me the way I needed. We had known each other a long time, there was a lot of history, we loved each other.

But we both knew something was missing.

I was desperately questioning everything, and reaching out to my support network. I’ve been fortunate to have a steady handful who listen without judgement, and give me honest feedback. I try not to the take them for granted.

I almost left that fall. I had kept my doubts quiet, though it was clear my mood showed. He was blindsided by my seemingly abrupt announcement that I had been looking at apartments. I’ve always been a planner, the Capricorn in me, I can get ahead of myself.

So I stayed.

Maybe we could talk things through, we always struggled with communication.

But some of the unconditional trust was gone. That was my fault.

Learned dynamics are hard to break. Some things shifted, it was ok, manageable, the pattern held. We made it through the holidays.

I got even closer to making a decision last summer (June 2018) even found an amazing apartment w some great potential roommates. I miss them…I miss the friendship we never got to have, the life I could be living now. I regret not making that move.

[We’ve known each other since 2006, dated briefly in 2008, got back together in 2010, supposedly in it to win it. We’ve known each other for 13 years.

As much as I loved him, loved parts of what we had a great deal…I thought about the chance of freedom every day, for at least the last 3 years…if not the last 4-5.

How I wouldn’t feel guilty about certain things I wanted in my life if only I was single, how I would feel inspired if only I was free, how I would have so much more time and energy. My energy was drained. I just didn’t want to try anymore.]

But again, I stayed.

In July 2018 I went to my first Burn, Firefly in VT. While I was there I briefly helped a person who was just arriving get their wagon up a hill. At first impression they didn’t seem like my kind of person, very nice but a little further out there than I tend to be.

In October I went to NECTR in CT and we crossed paths again. Over the course of a few days I learned just what a sweet soul they were, they had such a calming energy. At 3am one night around a burning barrel I had my tarot read for the 2nd time by this near-stranger/disco sugar angel.

It was clear what my cards were saying. The same thing I had heard before. I was becoming aware how anyone who met me could tell I was not happy. I’ve never been a subtle person, I can’t even lie to strangers about shit that doesn’t even concern them.

But this time it also mentioned a struggle, that I needed to be careful I didn’t go too far into the dark.

Everyone’s darkness is different. I know mine is not that deep and dark. My struggle is measured in volume, my scattering of belongings. Attachments. My struggle is the drive to be independent, and feeling claustrophobic and trapped when I feel pressured by others.

My struggle is that I lost my sense of self. I lost my motivation, to be me.

I learned that I am too much for some people, and in turn I became not enough, for myself.

The [NeverEnding] Purge: ALL the Stuff

I’d like to take a few minutes to just talk about stuff.

Y’know, all the STUFF you own, and you don’t know why, but when you look at it you think; ‘oh, I need that…and that…and that…I could use them someday’, or ‘I CAN’T get rid of THAT! so-and-so gave it to me and I’ll feel so guilty…even though I never look at it cause I carefully wrap it in a box to deal with when I have the time and/or space’

The past month or so has been a head-long dive into people attachment to stuff. The case at hand is my grandmother, which I will only touch on briefly as this is more of a self-reflection.

At the beginning of July my mother took 2 weeks off for vacation/get-shit-done time, and seeing as I was (and am) still fun-employed I gave her as much help as I could.
The first week was mostly spent helping her pack up the remnants of her old apartment so come the night of the 14th her and my step-father would not be pulling an all-nighter and contemplating the single-life (he hates packing and is the king of ‘I’ll do it later’), but we also spent a few days out in the sticks with my grandparents, trying to lay some groundwork for the epic task of downsizing their house. We spent the majority of the 2nd week just working on cleaning out our own stuff that we had in storage at their house, and their garage…

My grandparents live in a 200-year old farm house, with 4-5 bedrooms, 2 sitting rooms, 2 offices, a dining room and a kitchen…not to mention an attic…three sheds…a garage…AND a gigantic barn they had built shortly after they moved in (about 17-20 years ago)

Now, my grandmother’s house is not like those ones you see featured on the hoarding shows, and other reality-TV drivel, but the woman likes her stuff, and it’s not always the most practical, like having un-countable amounts of towels and sheets, among just…other things, books, old magazines, art supplies, (ALL THE ART SUPPLIES, which is why I never have to buy a new sketch book) you name it she’s owned it at some point.

While I’m not going delve into the details of this experience my mother and I have been having with this (which I guess is not my mother’s first go-around) I did want to reflect on the impact it’s been having on our own view of our own stuff.

We spend most of our car rides there and back pontificating on the uselessness of most of the things we own. Why do we keep them we say? We don’t NEED all of this stuff, these trinkets and knick-knacks, memorabilia that we just pack away and store in attics and closets because we have nowhere to put them.

What has real value, we want to know? Must we feel compelled to keep every little scrap or bauble given to us by loved ones or great-grandmothers?

How many things should we allow ourselves? One item, two? Ten? What do we really hold dear?

We’ve been continuing to work on the seemingly never-ending onslaught of stuff every week on Fridays, which means we end our weeks coming home wanting to throw everything we own away, and just not care anymore.

My grandmother calls us ruthless (only half in jest), but it’s not our stuff*, it’s easier for us to be objective when met with yet another leaning tower of towels, to just say ‘Out, out, out!’ while she defends and says, but someone might need them!

I’m not saying I don’t own things. I own A LOT of things.  I struggle with what I keep and what I don’t all the time. I feel I constantly have a box of things next to the door to ditch, but yet there seems no end, all my surfaces stay cluttered, every corner and scrap of wall is filled.

In my own defense I have to remind myself that I am in a tiny apartment and that this might be the way things are for awhile. regardless I know there is still more I could ditch, that I don’t need to be content.

In part, letting go of things is liberating, but sometimes it is heart-renching.

Currently I am at a loss for where my art portfolio is. It holds so much, water-color paintings from a trip to New York with my grandmother when I was 16, collages from my art-therapy courses in college, illustrations from unfinished stories, the list goes on.

It is missing. I noticed I hadn’t seen it maybe a month or two ago, and this apartment is small, and this portfolio is not small. It can be easily slipped behind doors or dressers, but, it is not there.

My last memory of it is packing the car, all by myself at my apartment in Montreal, and taking it out of the car to re-arrange some stuff, but after that I don’t know…I know I made a point to grab it from leaning against of the car, but whether I put it back in or brought it up to the apartment still eludes me.

There is still one place I have not double-thoroughly checked in the apartment, and that is behind an extra futon mattress in our closet.
Partly because it’s hard to get to, and partly because if it’s not there, then I am going to have to face the strong possibility that it is gone forever, lost to the ether.

I’m not sure how I am going to handle it. It wasn’t just some random stuff, it was my artistic history from the last 10 years. If I could just find it I would be more than happy to give up everything else, books and stuffed animals, old mobiles an a printer I’m too cheap to buy ink for.


*For the record, we have been collaborating with my grandmother on what we are cleaning out, but sometimes we find a box of our own stuff from years past and she doesn’t understand our indifference to these things we didn’t even know still existed.

The [Never Ending] Purge: Introduction

As anyone who has ever visited my apartment knows, I own a lot of stuff.

So much stuff that it tends to overwhelm me, typically when I’m trying to get rid of it.

I usually find myself feeling stuck in this cycle.

I go through all my stuff –> get rid of some of it –> organize the rest of it –> pack it back away all neatly –> tell myself that now that it’s all neat I’ll actually do something with it (it’s mostly craft supplies/projects, obvs) –> attempt such projects –> be too lazy to put things back neatly when I’m done/it’s packed in such away that it’s hard to get to in order to be neat –>disorganization ensues –> I get annoyed and start ignoring the pile of stuff/just say screw it and pile more stuff on willy-nilly.
Rinse and repeat.

I also have a similar problem with memorabilia. I have piles and piles of it, mostly pictures, brochures, ticket stubs, art from when I was just a wee lass, etc. We all know how this goes, right? I’m gonna put all in a scrap-book some day! Then it will be all neat and in one place, and any future memorabilia won’t suffer the same fate, it will be incorporated right in there!
What’s at the bottom of my hobby list (and I actually have no time, patience for, or desire to do?) ummm… SCRAPBOOKING!

I’m more of just a photo-album kind of girl, anyway.

SO, onto my newest plan.
As I’ve just moved into this new place with the boyfriend, and I’ve become even more PAINFULLY AWARE of just how much ridiculous junk I own, I’m putting my foot down.

I know I have to my honest with myself and know that there are some things I just will never part with. But, I also have to be realistic, most of my memorabilia crap I go through every 6 months to 2 years. It’s just taking up space, it’s all a mess, and it’s not serving any useful purpose.
So my solution for this problem is to digitize it all, and then ditch it. As a newly minted Archivist I can appreciate the idea of scanning it, but it also pains me, both personally and professionally to think of about destroying it.

I have moments of rationality where I’m all “YUP, this is the best idea I’ve had in years and it’ll be all good!” and then a few days later I’ll get all choked up thinking about not having a physical copy of these pieces of my own history, my childhood, a visual timeline of my growth as an artist.
(On this note, I have already started the process of sorting through my paper memories and have a box of stuff ready to scan but it’s still a project in progress, and it’s not at the top of this list right now…so I have plenty of time to fret over it…)

Along these same lines I have certain nick-knacks that hold memories, but they’re awkward and don’t really have a place to live. These I’m also planning to go digital, by photographing them and then ditching them. For this project I’m not as torn-up since many of the things on my list are not things from my child-hood or that I created myself.

Sewing & Collage
In addition to these projects is my usually never ending list of craft projects, mostly sewing and collage at the moment.
Considering the large rubber maid totes I keep my sewing material in are not only packed to the brim (with space-saver bag, too), but also taking up valuable floor space in my bedroom, this needs to be dealt with. Both a ruthless attitude towards projects I need to admit I’ll never do, and also a drive to actually get shit done and not keep lugging it from place to place to “get to some day”.
In terms of my collage projects, I have a large supply of composition notebooks (all brand new, mind you) taking up space on my book shelf that I’ve been saying I’m going to collage and put on etsy, so there’s yet another thing to get on.

Non-craft purge-projects at the moment are organizing the files on my computer (which also includes backing-up files like photos, etc onto CDs, but those I already have, so they’ll take up the same amount of space when I’m done) and books, I have a large collection of books I’ve never read, and unless I REALLY love a book, I’m not going to read it again, so out it will go!
(Unfortunately this is not counting all the books I have somewhere in my grandparents barn with my parent’s stuff right now…alas)

Now you know my plan.

I think the main thing I need to keep in mind, to keep myself on-track and avoid feeling overwhelmed, is that this is going to take time. A LOT of time. Which is think is usually what overwhelms me so much, is the large amount of time is all takes.

This has been a very self-indulgent post, but hey, I posted something, right?

The Never Ending Hiatus…IS OVER. (So here are some updates and ramblings)

When was the last time I actually posted? Uh…

Moving on.

Home Sweet Home

Along with the recent discovery of the musical genius of Imogen Heap I moved home back in April. This time around, though, instead of hop-scotching from family to roommates, etc,  I moved in with my boyfriend (which will be it’s own blog post eventually), cause we’re big kids now!

For the most part I can see my apartment floor…but it’s a work in progress, a soon-to-follow post will start the beginning of documenting, what will probably be, the long process of purging my belongings, because this move has been a bit overwhelming.

I still had a few months left on my lease up at school at the time that I moved down here, so it’s been a slow process of moving one carload at a time. After the first time, the initial move-out I was able to get a handle on both my own things and the boy’s (he’d only been here about 2 weeks and works a lot, not much time…or drive…to unpack/clean) so that became my job, unpacking and cleaning. Then it came time to move down the 2nd car-load…and it’s like…where do I put it all..then 3 car-loads later…(that’s 5 in total, UGH).
Definitely glad I gave most of my furniture to a friend before I left, so most of this has been boxes, with the exception of a few chairs and small bookshelves.

So, my point is that, I am planning to do a major purge…which I feel like I say every other day few months…but I have some new ideas, and plenty of time on my hands as it stands.

School’s Out FOREVER (maybe)

In other news…I am now officially a librarian! Yaaaaay…where them jobs and money at? Unfortunately I feel a bit like I am in employment limbo, despite now having a big-kid-you-must-be–SOOOOOO-smart-and-have-pulled-all-nighters-and-drank-tons-of-coffee-to-survive degree (or so the movies had led me to believe), there are many jobs I feel unprepared to do, even though the letters after my name would suggest otherwise.

On the flip side of that, there are plenty of experience-needed jobs that I am totally qualified for (perhaps over-qualified), BUT because of those pesky letters…I’m being ignored because employers probably think I will just use them as a launching point.

Look people, I know I had enough drive to pursue a master’s degree…but, frankly, I’m really not that ambitious when it comes to employment, just hire me, I’ll probably stay at least a year! I am SO loyal! If the job isn’t horrible I am more than happy to stick it out as long as I can pay the bills and lose myself to my many many crafts during my free time.

On a semi-related note, have I expressed my undying LOVE for HTML on here yet? I don’t think so.


There, I said it. Now you all know. It was all I was talking about during fall semester, I was taking a web system design class taught by a GREAT instructor. It is a rare thing to find a university professor/teacher who both KNOWS their shit AND can teach it. We had plenty of knowledgeable people teaching our classes, but I only took a handful that reached that nirvana. In not so many words I was also able to tipsily compliment said web system instructor at the faculty holiday party, I don’t want him to give up the position anytime soon!

Granted, I have a lot to learn about HTML, CSS, XML, etc., but given the chance I gobble it up (which reminds me I heard of FREE online lessons I should be looking into…)

More Updates?
Hmmm…what else to ramble about?
Oh, I’ve started running, well, more like staggered jogging, but it’s something. I don’t have a usable bike at the moment, and as I am unemployed I’m not gonna go shell out money even for Planet Fitness or Work Out World…along with the fact that neither are walking distance or eve a short bus-ride.

So, that is going to be another, more personal, project. I did take some “before” photos, but we’ll see if I end up posting them here. They’re more for my personal/visual gauge of my progress, but along with them I have a pair of pants I am aiming to fit into. At the time I was gifted these pants they DID fit me, if a bit snugly. Now…well, I can get them to about mid-thigh, so I’ve gotten quite off track with my exercise regimen it seems…and I don’t really care how much I weigh, etc…I just don’t want to have to buy new clothes…I’d like to wear the clothes I own!
Exercise has also been a key component in keeping my mood up and my anxiety down, but perhaps that’s a post for another day.

Yes, I rambled this much.

My goal is to post every Sunday (or at least once a week if Sunday doesn’t happen…)

The Hungry Harley Boy – Canadian Chapter: I

This entry is long overdue, but better late than never!
(I’m hoping to catch up on a few more postings I’ve had rolling around in my head this past month)

Welcome to a Kitchenland Explosion!

Going on over a month ago the boy came to visit, and despite the fact that we have very limited time together when he’s up (he typically arrives 10:30-11pm Friday nights and leaves by 1-2pm on Sunday) we seem to spend most of our time in the kitchen.

It is only slightly surprising as his hobbies include cooking, riding, thinking, and more cooking.

This particular weekend though, we went big and we never went home.

The morning started as any self-respecting Saturday morning should start, with pancakes.
But not just any pancakes. Oatmeal pancakes!

Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t have any All-Purpose flour in my pantry, but this recipe called for both AP flour and for us to grind some oats into oat-flour.
Well, I already had oat flour, so we just used that instead and to supplement not having AP flour we used from wheat-gluten I already had (the boy bought it last year for baking bread).

Oatmeal Pancakes 1

Oatmeal Pancakes 2

What made them really oatmeal pancakes was that we had to incorporate actual oatmeal into the batter. Oatmeal is my lifeblood.

Oatmeal Pancakes 3

In the end they were pretty good, they didn’t puff up as much as typical pancakes but we wrote that off to the subbing wheat-gluten for regular flour.

Also, when we got to the bottom of the syrup can this is what we found.

Crystalized Maple Syrup 1Crystalized Maple Syrup 2Crystalized Maple Syrup 3

Pretty cool!

We had woken up a bit on the late side so this was actually brunch.

I had this whole chicken in the freezer that had been kicking around for awhile and finally I had set it out to thaw before the weekend. The plan was to make chicken stock for future use and do something, anything, with the rest of the meat.

Feeling lazy we took a walk up the block and hit a few of the smaller markets looking for carrots and celery, as opposed to hiking it to the grocery store about 20 mins (on foot) away.

That is how I found this.

Pakora-1 Sept 2012 Gram Flour

Gram flour is made from chickpeas and used in Indian cuisine, more specifically pakora, which I had just been introduced to about a week before when I was out with some friends.
Pakora is wicked good.

I think by this point we had already decided that the chicken meat was going towards some sort of curry dish, so this worked perfectly with a side of pakora.

On the way home from the market we began speculating on dessert and refreshments so we stopped in at the closest dépanneur and bought some goodies.

Then we got started!

Stock was basic:
chicken carcass, veggies, salt, pepper, patience.

Chicken Stock-1 Sept 2012

Chicken Stock-2 Sept 2012

Meanwhile the boy started on the curry:

Chicken Curry 1

    Chicken Curry-2 Sept 2012Chicken Curry-3 Sept 2012Chicken Curry-4 Sept 2012

    Chicken Curry-5 Sept 2012Chicken Curry-6 Sept 2012Chicken Curry-7 Sept 2012

Again, we didn’t have any AP flour, so we improvised here and there…

Chicken Curry-8 Sept 2012

I worked on setting up the pakora:

I based it off this Pakora recipe from Shef’s Pantry.

I changed a few things, I added onions and chopped the potatoes instead of making thin slices. I also did not have any peppers so I added some crushed-red-pepper flakes.

I also skipped the garlic chutney.



AND made the cookies:

This is the recipe I used as a guide.

Again, lacking AP flour, I made them with oat flour.

I also did not have chocolate chips, the dep didn’t have them (madness!) but they did have this over-priced bar of 80% dark chocolate that expired sometime last year. (It had no price on it but the guy rang it up as $2.99, whatever).

I made it look rustic!

I also subbed some brown sugar in with the granulated white sugar as I was running low of white sugar.

I think due to the use of oat-flour and wheat-gluten instead of AP flour the cookies came out more like cake than like cookies, the flavor was still good but I was not a fan of the texture. I was hoping for more of a chewy-but-firm texture.



All together now!

My apologies for the ‘quick & dirty’ write up, this is from back in September at this point and I can’t remember all the little details…


We also make up a quick snack of bread with some sort of herbed pate and stout-cheddar, mmmmm

AND we recycled the oil from the pakora for future use (I’ve used it!)

The Cooking Project: Girl’s Gotta Eat I

A Short Introduction
I am forcing teaching myself how to cook. It is one of my newer projects.

A (Longer) Short Introduction
As I mentioned briefly in my NeverEnding Internet Project post, I don’t cook much.

I approach cooking as one would cannon-balling into a pool, I have to completely jump into it, otherwise I will continue to toe the water and survive for days eating cold cereal, salsa, and pasta.

I don’t hate cooking, sometimes I actually enjoy it, it’s just so gosh-darn time consuming.

[Oddly enough this is similar to how I view blogging, well sans-edibles, of course. Anyway.]

There was a time when I did not always read recipes the entire way through (and occasionally those dark times resurface, but we’re won’t get into that).

A good example was the first time my mom called home and asked my 15 or 16-year-old self to whip up some instant mashed potatoes. Simple enough, who can’t make *instant* mashed potatoes?

Well, this girl, it turns out.

The first legendary attempt, I read the ingredients and then dumped everything into the pot all at once.

[For the record my sister, who does have skill in the kitchen when she wants to, also did this her first time cooking quick-spuds, we must have some genetic flaw]

After that I learned most things require boiling water first.

Yet, my second attempt (some other mom-working-late night) I read the ingredients and, don’t ask me why now, thought that instead of 2 table/or teaspoons of salt, that it wanted 2 cups.
That went in the trash.

Eventually, at some point, my mother called me up and asked me to put together dinner, one part being instant mashed potatoes. It was a unanimous vote between my siblings and I that we just didn’t feel like making mashed potatoes anymore, so we didn’t.

My mom caught on when she noticed a lack of spud-encrusted pot in the sink that night.
What rebels we were.

Anyway, it’s not hard to believe that during my undergrad I graciously took advantage of the required cafeteria meal plan for on-campus students. It wasn’t until my senior year that I actually used a dorm-kitchen and that was to bake apple crisp.
I’m good at baking. I LOVE baking.
Also, who could really flub apple crisp?

Alright, so now I am 25 years old, I’m in grad school (oh wait, that’s not very encouraging culinarily…), I live on my own, I’m a big girl!

With all that said, I recently cooked my first hamburger. (The crowd goes wild, she finally gets to the point!)

And no, I didn’t make it from ground-up stuff (did I mention I don’t like touching raw meat?) the grocery store nearby sells 4-packs of already made patties (fresh! not frozen) for $4.29.

I love a good hamburger Just gonna put that out there.
As it turns out, I’m pretty good at cooking them.

No crunchy bricks in my pan!

So, the real point of this post is that the same week I bought my first 4-pack of burgers the boy was coming to visit.
I saved two burgers for that Friday and asked him if he was getting dinner on the road.
Before he could respond “yay” or “nay” I had already become inspired and gotten a hold of this recipe. So I told him he could eat if he wanted too, but then he’d be eating twice.

Before school started again I stocked up on cheap food-stuffs at this great discount grocery store called The Barn. This place is like the Valhalla of thrifty food shopping, most items are under $2, and where else can you find this stuff?

Just schmear it on there, baby!

This time I bought cleaning supplies and beans. I bought other stuff too, but beans are what I’m talking about.

I bought dried beans, to challenge myself, really.

So bring on the challenge.

Armed with a recipe, I dug out my red beans and quelled some rising panic when I found I could quick soak them and potentially have dinner ready by 10pm (it was about 6 or 7 at the time).


[After two years with the boy (who loves to cook, I’m just lucky I guess) I know enough about cooking to improvise when I need to. Sometimes.
This recipe required a bit of that.]

For starters they called for “meaty ham shanks” that were supposed to go in at the start of cooking (after the beans were prepped).

Well, I didn’t have “meaty ham shanks” but I did have bacon.

Adding bacon!

In it went!

After another hour of cooking you take the meat out and shred it. Well, it was tender enough, so I did. Put the meat back in. Add peppers and celery. I had peppers, in they went.

I hate celery, so no.

At this point they wanted me to incorporate seasonings, they wanted Worcestershire sauce and Cajun or creole seasoning. I definitely did not have Worcestershire, so I subbed apple-cider vinegar instead (as I know it involved vinegar) I may have also added some sugar, but I can’t remembered now.

I DID have Cajun seasoning, and because I wanted it to have some extra kick I threw in some Poblano pepper along with the Green Bell, and methinks some crushed red-pepper flakes.

Oh yeah! Rice!
I typically have a boat-load of rice kicking around, but last semester I was trying to use up as much stuff possible before my move. I had just enough left for this dinner.

Rice in a pan

Oh, and I lost my other medium-sized pot in the move (now I own 2 pots), so I used this small sauce/fry pan.
Actually worked out perfectly!
I even found a lid that fit. Enough.

covered rice in a pan

Yes, I did have look up a recipe on how to cook wild rice.

I forgot to get some shots of the burgers cooking, but eh, that’s old news by now.

I like to toast my buns in the left over oil/grease in the burger pan, these ones came out exceptionally tasty. (I also don’t have a toaster).
Oh, and I love guacamole on, like, everything.

Burger dinner

So there you have it, the first big-kid meal I’ve attempted all by myself. No boyfriend adult supervision required!

The Craft Project: Last Minute Birthday Crowns

Short craft update!

A few weeks ago three friends of mine had a joint birthday party. Two of them share the same birthday and one of them is just the day before.

As I am attempting to be both thrifty and more crafty I decided I should make them something.
But what do you make three 20-something library & information studies archival concentration students?

Birthday princess crowns of course!

I happened to have some old spiral-bound notebook wire lying around (because it could be useful…someday and that day is today!)

Now to put it to work.

I used a small round container (I use for beads) as the guide for shaping them, just so they’d all be around the same size.
Then I just kind of went with it and started shaping crown-like things.

I didn’t really have much of a plan other than using the wire and then covering it with tissue-paper and decorations.
After building the frame I decided it was a bit point so I buffered it with duct-tape. You can never go wrong with duct-tape.

I also added some bobby-pins, for wearing ease and comfort.

After that I was in a rush so no more progress photos until the end result. In any case I attempted to mod-podge some tissue paper, then add glitter, and then tried to gorilla-glue it to the wire frame in thing sheets. This only worked well for the center piece of the first crown, and then quickly dissolved after that.
My solution was to just take small chunks of tissue paper and generous globs of mod-podge and wrap the paper around the wire snugly to help it fit to the shape. Then more mod-podge for the application of glitter.

Here is the result!

Three birthday princesses with sparkly crowns that will shed glitter until the end of time!